Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS for the May 2022 Retreat “A Colorful Gathering of Friends”

PURCHASE BEST PRACTICES - Prior to paying for a class hosted by ArtRoom2Create, please make sure your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone is able to connect and sustain a connection to Zoom to avoid any interruptions and that the software has been updated to the latest version. Please test your equipment’s camera and speakers to ensure they function before purchasing a virtual class. It is recommended that your internet service be classified as highspeed. All purchases are non-refundable and cannot be transferred. We use PayPal and accept credit cards. ArtRoom2Create will appear as the paid party on your credit card/ bank statement. ArtRoom2Create will be offering a few test sessions in early May so you can confirm you are able to connect to Zoom. This information will be included in the packet you receive when you register for a class.

CLASS INSTRUCTIONAL E-PACKET AND SUPPLY DETAILS - The e-packet and supply list should be downloadable at the time of purchase. If that does not happen or you have difficulties, please email ArtRoom2Create for assistance. E-packets cannot be resold or shared. Please respect the designer’s written copyright. The recorded class is also protected under these provisions. You cannot reteach a class that has been hosted by ArtRoom2Create unless you receive the teacher’s written permission.

ACCESS TO CLASS RECORDINGS - If approved by the teacher, class recordings will be available within 3 business days after the class concludes. We will email class participants the Vimeo link and password. Registered students will have access for a period of 90 days.

LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY - The White Mountain Decorative Painters Guild, Penn’s Woods Painter, and/or ArtRoom2Create shall not be liable for you or others for any computer equipment malfunctions or internet connection problems. We are also not responsible for act of God weather related issues that cause disconnects from the internet and the classroom.

CANCELLATION POLICY - Act of God weather cancellations by the teacher or host will require the class be rescheduled at a future date.

PRIVACY POLICY - You agree to allow us to share your name and email information with the teacher(s) you have signed up to take a specific class with. In case you have ordered supplies for a specific class that need to be mailed, you agree that we can disclose your mailing address to the teacher for this limited purpose. ArtRoom2Create’s policy is not to share or sell your personal information with any others. Enrollment in a class gives us the right to add your email address to ArtRoom2Create’s mail list. You will always have the ability to unsubscribe at any time.